Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hey All,

We finally were able to land a great location near the Roncesvalles Village and Dundas West Community.

Exact location would be 1540 Bloor St. W. or simply adjacent to Dundas W. Subway Station across from Crossways and by the Giraffe Condo development.

We are quite happy with the location so far, and are in our first week of operations doing steady business from 10AM - 7PM, 8ish. Doing alright for the first week but we'd love to see more of the ZAPPI followers and Sweet Potato fries enthusiasts.
Our feast is just under $5 with taxes included.

Also serving up; Poutine, some meat toppings, regular fries and soon to come soups/pierogi's.

Looking forward to all new and old followers/enthusiasts who appreciate 'Food that Makes Sense' in the city streets.

November's Special - $1.00 OFF Zappi purchase

Zappi Factory - WALK EAT TALK - Welcomes You !

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zappi Progress in T.O.

Hey All,

Well, don't have much of a following yet, ohhhh man where's all the foodies out there,
blog and type ZAPPI or Zapiekanka and you'll find me ;)
This whole starting a Zapiekanka Stand/Kiosk in Toronto is proving to be harder than I thought.
All kinds of red tape, just because they all feel threatened by healthier alternatives on the streets.
Oh, yeah. Like the A la Carte project is any good just get a read from yesterdays Toronto Star and you'll see how food critics are reviewing this great new A La Carte Pilot Project ...
Bunch of bureaucrats got together and decided they'll run food business out of City Hall ... laim project with a monopoly strategy for the city to own and control small businesses such as hot dog vendors ... mmmmm .. they must've found out how much these guys are really making and thought .. uhhhhh ahhhh .. wow lets tap into that and collect our share, Parking tickets are not enough of revenue for us.

Anywho, city is doomed for a disaster with this project if you ask me.
Business owners should be running this business themselves, that's why some people are good
workers at City Hall and some are better business owners of all sorts ... little wake up call there :)

I want to post some pics of my latest shots of our ZAPPI product but lets see if I can actually do this ...

Ok... give me a while .. it'll be up and it won't disappoint.

come one come all, and post ... cheers.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Food that makes sense - 'Zapiekanka' @ The Zappi Factory


I've started efforts here in our lovely Toronto, to start a healthy food kiosk. The efforts were not realized just yet as the city took on their own pilot project called A' la Carte' to have multicultural food on the streets, doesn't mean healthy.

I will keep on going with my efforts to start 'The Zappi Factory' serving inspired Polish Zapiekanka, and L.A.'s inspired brain boosters, a brand new on the go type of food here in our lovely Toronto, perhaps in the Roncesvalles district.

Look out for our shop soon to come, and for now look up 'Zapiekanka', yes the long one to get familiar with the product to come.
It will all be organic and/or locally sourced.